Well, the libs have gone and done it again…made fools of themselves, that is. Today is the funeral of Coretta Scott King, and all kinds of people have gotten up to eulogize…but a few decided that eulogizing Mrs. King wasn’t enough – they had to bloviate and drop a few anti-Bush comments.
The Bush’s didn’t look too happy about it:

Now, I understand that many, many Democrats (and those more liberal than the Dems) disagree with President Bush…but is a funeral (or memorial service) really the appropriate place to voice those disagreements? I think not. The lack of both dignity and restraint shown here shows us the true nature of the kind of extreme liberalism that is becoming more and more prevalent in America: attacking a political enemy and/or a policy they disagree with is more important than remembering with dignity a woman who fought for the civil rights of black Americans.

The other thing I’ve kept tabs on is this debate over the anti-militant Islam cartoons and the ensuing riots & protests. I found an interesting site that describes & illustrates that not only have depictions of Muhammed been somewhat common throughout history, but that the cartoons that were the most offensive weren’t even published in the Danish newspaper that sparked the controversy in the first place – representatives of the paper went to speak with Muslim leaders in the Middle East in an effort to resolve the situation, and subsequent to their chat, the Imams released a booklet of the cartoons – with three ‘extra’, much more offensive cartoons added in (I still believe that the initial cartoons weren’t offensive at all)…so this really is much ado about nothing…but I don’t think the Muslims who are rioting and protesting really care about that little tidbit.


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