They’re now saying that the H5N1 bird flu may have made it into Germany. This is definitely bad news. The H5N1 strain has decimated bird popluations across the globe thus far, and is still spreading. It’s only a matter of time before it hits the US, and there are still no indications that if/when the virus mutates into a strain that is transmitted human-to-human, we’ll be able to respond adequately.

The US is the leader in Olympic gold medals. YAY! I caught some of the Olympics last night – we watched the US womens’ snowboard team take the top 3 positions on run 1, and I think position 3 on run 2, meaning the entire US womens’ snowboard team made it to the finals. Then, in speed skating, we saw a US skater make the top time. I don’t know whether any of them medaled…but it’s definitely great that we’re leading.

Batman is set to take out Osama bin Laden in a new graphic novel…this isn’t really news, but it is funny…and probably worth reading.

Apparrently, reporter David Gregory told White House spokesman Scott McClellan not to be a jerk…I guess what happened was that Gregory got all out of sorts because he didn’t think McClellan was answering his questions adequately about the Cheney hunting accident. The press are still treating this as some kind of huge scandal…

Apparently, the man who was shot is in worse trouble than initially reported – some of the birdshot made it into his heart. He’s suffered a minor heart attack, and doctors are keeping a close eye on him. Keep praying for him.

There is bigger news: the cartoon riots continue, now in Pakistan. The protestors apparently burned down four buildings at a hotel, two banks, two movie theaters, a KFC, and an office building for a cell phone company. The report says that over 200 cars were damaged, “dozens of shops” were vandalized, a Citibank branch, a Holiday Inn, a Pizza Hut, and a McDonald’s. All because they disagree with a cartoon saying that Muslims are too violent.

Ann Coulter wrote an excellent column about the riots, pointing out a phenomenon that I’d not noticed before: there have been no riots in Iraq. That should tell you something: DEMOCRACY WORKS!!


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