This would be some disappointing news if the Cold War were still on…but it’s over: US Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir caused a stir when he wore a red jacket with the letters “CCCP” on the front – the Russian acronym for the USSR. Apparently, it was a gift from a Russian skater that he had a relationship with. No biggie…but it made the news for some reason.

Apparently, either some stupid kids thought it’d be funny, or someone is out there trying to bring down passenger jets in Dearborn, MI. Apparently, 16 airline pilots have reported that someone was shining a laser at their plane. If it’s just stupid kids, they should be locked up…if someone’s intentionally trying to bring down a plane, they should be taken out and shot. There’s just no excuse for that.

The gay agenda is on a roll today:

First, some wacko is releasing a documentary about gay Muslims. This is just what we need. The cartoon riots are tearing the Muslim world apart…and now they’re releasing this documentary. I really don’t get it – liberals across the globe accuse conservatives of being the crux of the problem because we want to go to the Middle East and get rid of the terrorist threat…yet they also want to release things like this, which inflame the situation. Sometimes the thought really doesn’t count.

Second, Willie Nelson has released a gay cowboy song. The song was apparently written back in the ’80s, and never recorded until recently, and it’s only available through iTunes (thank goodness – I don’t have to worry about ever having to hear it). Now, this is either a collosal tragedy, or some kind of joke. If it’s a joke, then Willie, let us know. If it’s some kind of honest song that Willie released because he feels some kind of solidarity with the gay community, or is gay, then I don’t want to know. I like Willie Nelson’s music, and the last thing I need is for him to ruin that for me.

Some amusing news: Paris Hilton participated in a fashion show in London, apparently in some kind of surprise appearance, and PETA decided they were going to protest, because some of the outfits at the show were made of fur (oh no!). After the show, a protester hit Paris and the clothing designer she was with with a flower bomb. Unfortunately, Paris wasn’t hit very much – most of the flower got the designer and the doorman from the club they were going to. As much as I disagree with PETA, this really is funny, if only because they tried to nail Paris Hilton.

None of this is really news – I guess it’s just a frivolous Wednesday – but the only thing going on in US politics is that people are still getting their panties in a wad over the Cheney hunting accident…which isn’t really news, either, but now we have Senators getting into the mix – first Harry Reid, yesterday, and today, Hillary Clinton. Basically, they’re trying to turn it into something bigger than it is. It’s not insignificant, especially to Mr. Whittington and VP Cheney, but to insinuate that there’s some kind of scandal here just because they didn’t tell the press right away is taking it too far. After all, Teddy Kennedy never reported the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and the MSM never seemed to care about that. To the press: just shut up and move on. There are more important things going on.

1. They’re now saying that the riots in Pakistan are the largest cartoon riots to date. To date, three people have died in the riots, including an 8-year old boy.

2. The Evangelical church is finding out it got more than it bargained for when it appointed an openly gay bishop…their bishop is not only gay, but an alcoholic. I can’t really knock him for having alcohol problems – after all, that happens to many people, and it’s a tough struggle. This bishop needs more prayer now than ever. But something in me just wants to say to the Evangelical church, “You appointed the guy…now you realize, you get what you pay for.” After all, if they’re going to allow a gay bishop, then they can’t very well fire the guy for being an alcoholic – the Bible is against both homosexuality and drunkenness, so if you’re gonna push the line back on one, you have to for both. That’s how relativism works.

3. Iran has confirmed that it has resumed its uranium enrichment program. The question is, will the UN finally have the guts to do something difinitive about it?


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  1. Don’t you mean “Episcopal” Church? I don’t think there is a church called the “Evangelical Church.” Episcopalians are part of the Anglican Communion… you know, from the Church of England.

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