This Dick Cheney thing has officially gotten out of hand. The press went berserk for the first few days of the ‘scandal’ trying to get the Vice President to talk, trying to catch Scott McClellan in some admission of guilt on the administration’s part, trying anything thay can to make this story more than it is. Now that Cheney’s talked (he was interviewed by FoxNew’s Brit Hume yesterday), it’s still not enough. Why? Because everyone knows that FoxNews is nothing but a lap dog for the Bush admin.

Give me a break.

In other news (real news), Russia is now warning the US not to mount a strike against Iran, for fear of what a strike will potentially do to the Muslim world. On one level, that is a valid concern…but what about what will happen in the Muslim world if Iran gains nuclear capability? Personally, I think the Middle East is going to go up in flames either way – it’s just a question of who fires the first shot. If the US and/or Israel invades Iran, it definitely won’t be pretty. Essential, yes, but it’ll be a big mess. Of course, with this warning coming from Russia, there are also questions about their own economic interests in Iran. It’s pretty well known that Russia and China are both in bed with the current Iranian regime, which is bad news for us diplomatically.

Olympic news: a Russian athlete has been thrown out of the Olympics and stripped of her medal due to a doping charge. It’s gotta suck to be her, especially after all the work she’s put in. Let this be a lesson: cheaters never prosper.

This one’s for Aaron:
Over a dozen Baptist churches have been burned in Alabama since Feb. 2. Why this isn’t making the national press, I don’t know…they seem to be too infatuated with Dick Cheney to care. Authorities have offered a $10,000 reward – $5,000 from the government of Alabama, and another $5,000 from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. There is speculation as to the motives behind the burnings. They were first thought to be racially motivated, but both white and black churches have been burned, leaving investigators in a bind as to the true motives of the arsonists. There is speculation that the churches are being burned by some anti-Christian or anti-Baptist group or person, and even that Baptist churches are being targeted as a response to Westboro Baptist, the church whose pastor and members have protested at the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq, saying that Americans are dying there because “God hates fags”. Either way, the investigation seems to have stalled, as they aren’t sure as to the motives, or whether the fires are being set by a single arsonist or one or several copycats.

Also in the “More important than Cheney’s hunting accident” department, it looks like the government is going to do something about the takeover of 6 US ports by a company based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates…a nation known for its scenic beaches, and its penchant for fine wines and terrorists….that’s right, a company based in a nation friendly to Al-Qaida (with ties to 9/11) is set to take control over six US ports: New York, Baltimore, New Jersey, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. The company is merging with the London company that originally controlled the ports. The merger has been approved by the federal government, but apparently they are now giving it a second look. Thank goodness. One 9/11 was enough for me. We really don’t need another.

UPDATE: The case against Dick Cheney is closed. No charges are set to be filed against the Vice President. The White House press corps, however, is investigating the fact that this information was not made known to them until 45.3 minutes after the case was officially closed. Scott McClellan is expected to hold a press conference to deal with this scandal within the hour.


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