Taking a Hiatus

I got lucky: the post right before this one was written yesterday. I spent nearly half an hour writing, trying to put my thoughts into something even slightly resembling coherency…and then it wouldn’t publish. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t post, I’m just glad that when I logged on today, it was there, waiting for me to re-publish it.

Anyway, I’m taking a short sabbatical: 40 days, starting tomorrow. For any who don’t know, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Normally I don’t celebrate Lent – I’ve thought about how it isn’t Biblical, and I think the way some people celebrate Lent really isn’t appropriate – especially those who do something rediculous like give up chocolate or sweets so they can lose weight over Lent. Personally, I was planning to give up two things this year: television and blogging. I’ve decided to keep television, at least to finish season 4 of 24, but I’m definitely giving up blogging and computer games for Lent, in the hopes that I can dedicate the gargantuan amounts of time that I devote to those pursuits to looking after my spiritual life, which is always in need of improvement.

I’d appreciate prayers for God’s strength so I can keep this committment.


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  1. I agree totally…which is why I’ve refrained in the past from ‘giving up’ anything for Lent. And I have heard people in the past who gave up chocolate, or candy, or soda, so they could lose weight, which was another turn-off to my observing it.Furthermore, I used the term “celebrated” because that’s how I heard a Catholic priest describe it. I understand the nature of Lent, and that it isn’t a true ‘celebration’.

  2. People don’t give up chocolate to get skinny, although that is a fortunate side effect, it’s a sacrifice, albeit a small one, so that they can share Christ’s journey through the desert. Lent isn’t really “celebrated” either, its supposed to be a time of reflection. Giving something up for Lent isn’t what isn’t really what Lent is about. Many people strive to do positive things during this time instead of choosing to sacrifice. Whether you abstain from doing something in Lent, or attempt to attain another difficult goal, your Lenten journey is supposed to bring you closer to God and to give you a deeper understanding of the torment in Jesus’ life.

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