Lent is finally over!

It’s been absolute torture refraining from blogging for so long. I think God has been testing me – right after I decided to give up blogging for Lent, so much started happening in the world.

But I’m back now, so I can vent everything I’ve been seeing happen in the world.

Today I want to talk about France. France started off with riots by a bunch of “youths” who were, in fact, Muslims who were tired of being looked down upon & descriminated against by French society (quite a shocker in such a socially progressive nation, eh? Maybe that ‘multiculturalism thing isn’t such a great idea after all).

The latest riots were in response to a labor law that allows employers to fire employees. Really, all this legislation entails is common sense. French labor laws have been so restrictive toward employers that no one wants to hire – after all, why hire someone if you run such a risk of getting an incompetent or lazy employee that you then cannot legally fire? Under the old laws, the French economy was going to hell in a handbasket. Under the new laws, these “youths” have a much better prospect of getting hired, because the law now enables businesses instead of restricting them.

But to the “youths,” it’s not an issue of enabling businesses, it’s an issue of job security. They rioted because under the new law, if they get a job, they are no longer guaranteed to keep it…basically, they are living in the real world…or would be, if they had decided to live with common sense rather than tearing France to pieces in an effort to get the law repealed.

Let’s face it: these “youths” are proving that they’re just a bunch of lazy snobbish kids who don’t want to work for a living. Maybe they’re not, but that’s how they come across. Anywhere else in the world (with some exceptions, of course), if you do a good job, you’re pretty much guaranteed to keep it. If you do a poor job or laze around all day, don’t expect to be employed much longer. That’s how capitalism works…and in a larger context, France is an excellent example of the failure of socialism…especially in light of Jaque Chirac’s capitualtion to the rioters/protestors. By removing this law, the French government has essentially slain whatever was left of common sense in their nation…just because some “youths” decided to march in the streets, whining and complaining about the government giving them a fair deal.

Now, I know the use of “youths” over and over gets quite annoying…but it’s easier to type out than “young socialist punks,” which is the tame version of what I really think of them.

Tomorrow: my take on the immigration issue.


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