The Day Without an Immigrant

Well, today is May Day, that old Communist/Pagan holiday. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the Communist lobby is using the immigration issue to bring back May Day. And none of these groups is being shy about their goals. The news agencies say that they are boycotting to show how much influence immigrants have in the US economy…but in reality, they want to show how much influence illegal immigrants have in our economy. What’s more, they are willing to disrupt other peoples’ lives in order to achieve their goals: they have, in fact, stated that one of their goals is to close down several major US cities. The purpose? It’s not enough that they themselves are boycotting – they have to clog up our infrastructure and disrupt the lives of legitimate Americans to make it look like they have more influence than they actually do.

Personally, I think that this protest will ultimately create a backlash for the pro-amnesty movement that is the face of the protest. When the rubber meets the road, how does shutting down “Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tuscon, Phoenix, [and] Fresno” help anyone? America is, in so many ways, a consumerist society. So go ahead, hurt people where it counts: in their pocketbooks. Then step back, and see what happens. They will either cringe in fear, or fight back. Personally, I don’t think that America has degenerated to the point where they will allow a bunch of illegal immigrants demanding rights that they are in no way entitled to to hold their nation hostage. The illegal immigrant loby keeps pushing…I say let them. Pretty soon, America will push back, and neither the communists nor the illegal immigrants will like it. Just wait.

On a (somewhat) related note, a union rally in Mexico soon turned into an anti-America rally – apparently, several Mexicans (who are still in Mexico) don’t like the influence America has over it’s economy. Here’s an easy solution to that: Presidente Fox, take your citizens back! There is a river of American money flowing into Mexico on a daily basis – it’s one of the top two moneymakers for the Mexican economy. Without the United States, Mexico would be just as irrelevant as it should be. America, the world’s bastion of freedom, is all too easy to demonize, but these Mexicans need to take a good look in a mirror. The US is far from the worst of their problems. If they really want something to protest, they should be out there protesting the fact that Vicente Fox can’t seem to get their economy up and running. They should get rid of that travesty, vote in a government that works (not the communists that are poised to take over after Fox leaves office), and pay some serious attention to developing their own economy instead of sucking money away from the United States. Then, when they themselves become self-sufficient, they can protest the US to their hearts’ content.


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