It’s time for a change…

With the elections coming up this November, Congressional Democrats are getting very excited about their perceived chances in light of polls indicating that the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the leadership of the Republican party. Among the Democrats’ agenda should they take leadership? Launch investigation after investigation into the Bush administration. Basically what this strategy amounts to is that as soon as they win back the congressional seats they’ve lost, they want to start playing dirty politics to improve their chances of getting Hillary into the White House.

There is a major problem with this agenda, though: it doesn’t accomplish anything positive. And, really, this has been the failure of the Democratic party since the 2004 election. Prior to the ’04 election, it made (some) sense to attack President Bush the way they did – they wanted to win beat him in the next Presidential election. After the ’04 election, however, it makes no sense to go after President Bush. He can’t run again, so why all of this angst? Nancy Pelosi said that they do not intend to impeach President Bush, which I honestly believe is a bald-faced lie. If they don’t want to impeach the President, then why launch the investigations? They aren’t satisfied with term limits – like a bunch of little children, they want their power back, and they want it NOW, and if they can’t get it, the’re going to whine and complain until they get what they want.

Now, I’m not totally naive: I know that the Democrats (Pelosi in particular) hate President Bush with a passion that few on this earth can truly comprehend. I know that they will contunue to attack President Bush as long as he is in the White House (and probably for a long time after he leaves). And I know that Republicans did much the same thing during President Clinton’s second term (though not with the same level of venom). But, frankly, the Republican party is definitely no longer part of the solution to moving America forward. The Republicans make themselves less and less relevant with each passing day, whether it’s through scandals or pork barrel spending, or claiming, as Tom Delay did, that they have cut the excess spending out of the federal budget.

Basically, both the Democrats and the Republicans have become so entrenched in Washington and so blind to the will of the people as to be a detriment to true progress. It’s time for some genuine change in Washington. As a conservative, I don’t really know where liberals have to go, except maybe to the Communist party…or maybe the Libertarian or Green parties. As far as conservative principles go, however, I strongly believe in the Constitution party, and I will likely vote for their candidate in the next Presidential election (especially if Jim Gilchrist from the Minuteman Project runs, as I’ve heard rumored that he will).

We’ve fallen into the fallacious thinking that politics revolves around Democrat vs. Republican. This is a mistake that conservatives can no longer afford. Political parties change ideological leanings over time, and the Republican party is no longer conservative enough to suit true conservatives. It’s time for a change, especially if American conservatism is to survive. Conservatism has been rapidly dying out across Europe for some time now (to the point where many American moderates, such as President Bush, are considered extreme conservatives).

Conservatives in America cannot allow the lies of the liberal left to continue. Liberals in the US, particularly those in politics (not politicians necessarily; some subtlety is required of them – I’m more referring to those such as Michael Moore, George Soros,, etc.), are actively trying to redefine conservatism as nazism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nazism is about total government control. In so very many ways, it is more akin to every example of Communism that has been displayed throughout the world: it is all about controling the people through coercion, propaganda, and brute force. Hitler lied to the people in order to subjugate and destroy the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, etc., and try to take over the world. His secret police rounded up dissenters and imprisoned them, or worse. Stalin worked much the same way, though his murderous agenda was less obvious (which allowed him to slaughter even more people than Hitler did, something modern communists seem to conveniently forget). What’s more, Stalinistic communism had (or has) a much more insidious strategy of world domination: through satellite states. Similar to Stalinistic communism is that found in North Korea, China, and Cambodia.

Conservatism has much less in common with nazism than communism does. True conservatives (as opposed to neo-cons) want a return to Constitutional government. Over the past several decades, the United States government has become much too socialistic for its own good, and America will not survive as a free nation for too much longer if the government continues to meddle in the lives of its citizens to the extent that it does. This extends to everything from entitlement programs to government regulations. An attitude pervades America wherein people rely far too much on the government to be the solver of their problems. Government should not be relied on to solve our problems. When the government becomes the ultimate problem solver, the government then has untold power over its citizens. After all, what are we to do when the government’s solution to our particular problem is not the one we wish it to be? Given enough time and enough dependance on the government, the people will no longer be in the position to solve their problems on their own – government intervention will be essential to solving our problems, whether those problems be a high jobless rate, or high gas prices (both of which people are currently relying on government intervention to solve).

Our government needs drastic roll-backs in power. Instead of debating over whether we should nationalize our health care system, we should be debating over whether to keep social security and welfare. Instead of demanding that the government exercise its power and take action to reduce gas prices, we should be exercising our power as buyers to bring the price down. Here’s a little hint: start refusing to pay high gas prices (through other forms of transportation), and the price will come down. The government is the reason the price of gas is so high – between high gas taxes and environmental regulations that prevent oil companies from finding new sources of oil or refining, it’s no wonder the price of gas has shot up so high.

It’s time for the people of America to say “enough.” As I heard them called this morning, the two parties in America have become the “Republicrats.” There is no major conservative party anymore. This is why it is so important for conservatives to realize that there is more to US politics than Republican vs. Democrat. The Democrats who accuse Republicans of being extremists don’t have any idea what a real conservative is. And I wonder if Republicans who ran on a conservative platform even remember themselves. The day has come for the rise of a new third party. Vote Constitution.


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