The United Nations: Helping to Advance the Cause of Terrorism

As the conflict in Lebanon continues, Israel has continued to take heat for civilian losses inflicted within Lebanon. Israel has been blamed for targetting homes and ambulances, and a large part of the world community has showed its extreme ignorance, jumping on the anti-Israel bandwaggon, blaming Israel for these attacks.

This, more than anything, shows the extreme ignorance of these world leaders. It is now coming out that Hezbollah militants have been firing off rockets from homes…and Hezbollah has not allowed the civilian population to leave. Hezbollah fighters have also been using ambulances as transports for its fighers, as well as using homes to store munitions. All of these actions violate the Geneva Conventions, yet instead of blaming Hezbollah for using such low tactics, Israel is blamed for responding to those tactics to take out the terrorists.

Kofi Annan has been urging Israel to agree to a cease-fire with Hezbollah. Hezbollah, in response, has said that it is ready and willing to negotiate toward a cease-fire. Go figure! Israel is kicking their butts! Hezbollah, at this point, has little choice but to take the diplomatic route. A cease-fire is about the only thing short of an Iranian nuclear warhead detonating over Jerusalem that could possibly ensure Hezbollah’s continued survival. And, even better for the terrorists, Israel comes out looking like the bad guys when they refuse to negotiate again with the terrorists! The United Nations, supposedly the world’s best hope for peace, is playing right into the terrorists’ hands with these continued calls for a cease-fire. What they don’t seem to realize is that there have been cease-fires before. If cease-fires were the answer here, this conflict would have been resolved a long time ago. However, with their calls for a cease-fire, world leaders such as Kofi Annan show that they are either ignorant to the lessons of history, or are outright ignoring those lessons. If cease-fires ensured peace, then the Israel/Gaza/Lebanon area would be the most peaceful region on Earth. As history has shown, though, all a cease-fire accomplishes is to give the terrorists a reprieve – a chance to heal their wounds, re-arm, and prepare further attacks on Israel. Israel has entered into cease-fire agreements in the past, and it has gotten them nothing but an eventual continuation of hostilities.

The simple truth of it is that Hezbollah has everything to gain by a cease-fire, while a cease-fire will not help Israel in the least. And by condemning Israel’s attacks on Hezbollah and urging a cease-fire, the United Nations has come out unequivocally on the side of the terrorists. If anything, the UN should be helping Israel – after all, according to UN Resolution 1559, Hezbollah should not exist. So, here again we have a nation enforcing UN resolutions over the UN’s protestations. Here again is an opportuinity for the UN to show some backbone and back up its words. And here again the UN shows itslef to be a monumental failure and a complete joke.


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