The Apocalypse is coming…

And no, I’m not talking about Iran this time. In fact, this post has nothing to do with the Middle East. The date of the impending apocalypse is November 8. Figured it out yet? Well, just in case, I’ll tell you: November 7 is election day, and on November 8, no matter who wins, all hell is bound to break loose.

Here is my prediction:

If the Republicans retain the majority in Congress, the Democrats will use the same tactic they’ve been using for the past 6 years, since the 2000 election: allegations of voter fraud. Now, there is ample evidence that voters are dissatisfied with the Republicans. Democratic politicians wrongly assume that that means those dissatisfied voters are headed their way. However, the majority of dissatisfied Republicans are out of sorts because the Republican Party has been moving steadily to the left for some time now, cow-towing to special interests, and generally playing the same political games that conservatives have come to expect from the Democrats, but try to avoid ourselves. However, the fact that Republicans are dissatisfied with their party does not mean that they will hand the Congress over to the Democrats. I personally believe (and hope and pray) that the Republicans will hold on to their majority, because, although they are the lesser of two evils, many Republican politicians are beginning to see the light: that they can no longer expect to hold on to their seats while capitulating to leftist ideals and special interests.

Republican dissatisfaction aside, however, Cynthia McKinney’s recent primary election loss is a perfect example of what is to come, though her reaction is perhaps (and hopefully) a bit more insane what we can expect from Democrats, should they lose. McKinney gave speeches after her primary loss calling for African Americans to rise up violently, calling electronic voting machines “racist,” playing pretty much ever old and tired card in the Democratic playbook (race, class, etc.). In 2000, paper ballots were discriminatory because they were confusing. In response, more and more voting districts have been moving to the easier-to-use electronic voting machines. We have been using them here in my home county for some time now, and while there have been some political spats over which company’s machines to use, resulting in a few kinks in the system, the results overall have been promising. Having used the machines myself, I have found them to be quick and easy, very much preferable to the old punch-card system, and leaving little or no ambiguity as to who I was voting for. Get ready, though, because at this time in history, there is little reason to doubt that nearly every Democrat who loses in November will be alleging voter fraud, blaming it on electronic voting machines wherever they are used, and demanding recounts.

If the Democrats win the in November, the chaos may be postponed for a few days, or even weeks, but it will come, and will perhaps come even more violently than the allegations of voter fraud we’ll see if they lose. Over the past few months, prominent Democratic Congressmen have been predicting almost constant impeachment hearings, should they win the majority. Given a majority, the Democrats would control the chairs of many Congressional committees. Investigations will be started by the dozens. If you think there’s too little progress in Washington now, just wait until the party of obstructionism has everyone even slightly involved with the Bush administration under investigation for one thing or another. Just before the last midterm election, a memo was unearthed revealing the stragegy Congressional Democrats were planning to use against President Bush, should they secure a majority in Congress. The memo revealed that the Democrats’ plan was to start investigations into anything and everything. The important part, according to the memo, was not the truth of the allegations being investigated, but rather the seriousness of the charges. These were not to be investigations per se, but rather opportunities for the Democrats to point out each and every disagrement they had with the Bush administration. If the Democrats win control of Congress, the best anyone can expect is two solid years of investigations and attempts at impeachment. The Democrats are still obsessed with defeating President Bush…none of them seems to care about the fact that, this being his second term, he cannot run again. But, then, so many Democrats seem to suffer from the delusion that President Bush has turned America into a fascist theocracy, maybe they think he will toss out the Constitution and install himself as the king of America. With all of the outrageous allegations the Democrats have made against the Administration so far, this really wouldn’t be all that surprising.

So, if the Democrats lose, expect temper tantrums across the board. If they win, expect temper tantrums across the board. Either way, the response to this November’s election will very likely be both predictable and extreme. Get ready, because the fun is about to begin.


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