Why making deals with terrorists is never a good idea…

Besides the obvious fact that they are terrorists bent on using the deaths of innocents to accomplish their goals, making deals with terrorist organizations legitimizes not only the organizations, but their behavior, and encourages even more of that behavior. Case in point: Palestinian terror organizations are now plotting even more kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. While Hezbollah’s kidnapping back in late July turned into a military defeat on their part as the Israeli military proceeded to bomb them back into the stone age, the overall campaign was a victory for the terror organization, as they won the PR battle and gained much-needed diplomatic legitimacy through the UN-brokered cease-fire.

And now, what is happening but the emboldening of Palestinian terror organizations. Why? Because they now know that they can not only find a sympathetic ear in the international press, but also in the diplomatic community. All they have to do is to continue make it look like Israel is the bad guy whenever they retaliate against an attack or a kidnapping, and the terrorists can declare victory, no matter how great their losses militarily.

There is a reason for the policy of refusing to deal with terrorists, and this is it.

Way to go United Nations…another great success. Looks like “Peace in our time” is working just as well now as it did for Neville Chamberlain.


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