Political Opportunism at its worst…

This Mark Foley business is out of control. Democrats are calling for Dennis Hastert’s resignation more and more loudly every day; Hastert has been all over the media denying that any cover-up took place, and now it has come out that the Congressional page that Foley was IM-ing was 18 years old at the time – in other words, of legal age.

Personally, I don’t think this excuses what Foley did, and it’s a good thing that he’s no longer serving in the House. But quite frankly, when it comes to Hastert’s resignation, the Democrats should just shut up and count their blessings – they’re virtually guaranteed to win Foley’s House seat next month, and if they keep on over-inflating this scandal, chances are it will come back to bite them because, despite what they think about us, the American people are not stupid. It’s all too easy to see the double standard that the Dems have been hiding behind, most especially with Gerry Studds, who, as I pointed out in my last post, was actually having sex with a 17-year-old male Congressional page, and then defiantly turned his back on the House when they voted to censure him for his behavior…and was applauded for it by the Democrats.

So many Congressional Democrats have been in the press lately demanding as many Republican resignations as they can get out of this scandal, because Foley was supposedly a child-predator. But how much do the Democrats really care about children? Sure, they talk about protecting children a lot, but do they have it where it counts? I don’t think so.

I’ve already mentioned the Gerry Studds incident. Add to that the fact that it’s Democrats who have been pushing for the lowering of age-of-consent laws, and Democrats who try to protect groups like NAMBLA, and Democrats who believe that pornography should be protected speech and available to anyone who wishes to see it, and Democrats who believe that child molesters should receive counseling so they can “get better” and be put back out on the streets, even though child molesters have the highest recitivism rate of any crime out there…the numbers just don’t add up here. The truth of the matter is that all of their righteous indignation is nothing more than political posturing, trying to get as much leverage as they can out of this strategically-timed scandal. History has shown us quite clearly that the Democratic Party is the party of moral relativism, and any time you see Democrats standing up for moral values, you should start sniffing around for a rat…because the only time Democrats really care about moral values is when they can somehow score political points.

What Mark Foley did was wrong. If Hastert was involved in a covering it up (which is not clear at this point, no matter what the Democrats say), he should either resign or be removed. But these facts do not excuse the Demcrats’ behavior. There is an investigation underway to find out who knew what, and when they knew it. Until that investigation is complete, the Democrats need to shut their faces and let the nation take care of its business. When the investigation has run its course, then the people of America should be able to stand united in the call for the guilty to be punished…but to do so before the facts are known is inexcusable.


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