They say they were humiliated…as well they should have been

The Washington Times today takes a look at the Imam incident where the 6 Imams were removed from their flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix. As it turns out, the Imams, who are claiming that they were discriminated against based on their religion, were pretty much doing all that they could to act like terrorists! Not only were they praying in the terminal, which initially raised red flags among the gate agents, they didn’t sit in their assigned seats. Two of the Imams had tried to upgrade to first class, but were told that there were no first class seats available…so they sat in the front-row of first class anyway. Two others sat in the exit aisles in the middle of the plane, and the remaining two sat in the back – the same configuration used by the 9/11 terrorists.

So, we have Muslim Imams praying in the terminal, and then refusing to sit in their assigned seats, instead copying a pattern known to have been used by the terrorists who perpetrated the worst terrorist attack in the history of America…and they say they’re removal and interrogation is religious persecution? The behavior of these Imams was inflammatory, at best, and criminal, at worst. As former Air Marshall Robert MacLean was quoted in the Times article, “That’s like shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. You just can’t do that anymore.”

In my personal opinion, this case is an attempt by these Imams, in conjunction with CAIR and other Muslim organizations, to step up the politically correct treatment of Muslims. They are currently calling on Congress to pass a bill outlawing passenger profiling…but if security officials cannot remove Muslims from airplanes when they exhibit this kind of suspicious behavior, is there any time when officials will be allowed to remove Muslims from airplanes if new restrictions are put into place? There is no doubt that these Imams were acting suspiciously and that the airline was right to have them removed. These claims of religious discrimination are nothing but obfuscation in what, to all appearances, is an attempt to make it easier for Muslim terrorists to board planes…and we even have members of Congress buying into it.

This, more than anything else in American history, shows the danger of political correctness. If we allow these Imams and groups like CAIR (who have ties to Islamic terrorist organizations) to dictate US domestic security policy, we are only inviting further attacks.


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