Why are we still talking about Duke?

The “Duke rape case” is in the news again, this time with the lead prosecuter recusing himself, and the new news is that the Attorney General’s office is taking over the case.

My question is this:

Why is this case still in the news? Any reasonable prosecutor would have put forward a motion to drop the charges long ago…after all, the DNA evidence didn’t pan out, the accuser has changed her story more than once, and some of the accused even have solid alabis!

But the sad truth of this case is that it’s a racial issue, and for that reason, they just can’t let it go. Stories are coming out about how several of the Duke faculty pre-judged the case, one female professor even going so far as to fail a male student simply because he was on the lacrosse team!

When will this insanity finally end? When will common sense finally prevail? At this point, it’s impossible to tell.


Categories: Duke, racism, rape

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