Now it really is turning into Vietnam

The House has passed their “nonbinding resolution” condemning the troop surge. Now, while this “symbolic” measure may not represent a full rejection of our troops by the Democrat-controlled House, as a rejection of the war, it is invariably a rejection of the troops, whether the Democrats like it or not.

The next step in the process is that the bill will be sent to the Senate. The party divide in the Senate is much more narrow than that in the House, and the Dems very likely do not have enough votes to carry the measure. We can only hope, anyway.

The thing that truly rankles about this issue is that the only logical next step is that they vote on a real measure to cut off funding for the war. I highly doubt this will happen, because it would be political suicide for the Dems…which only goes further to show that they’re all about politics, and not about substance.

Truly, this measure looks patently absurd when you consider that just a short time ago, the Congress voted to allow General David Patraeus to be the new commander of the multi-national forces in Iraq. The troop surge was his recommendation.

The Democrats say that President Bush should listen to the generals on the ground…but the truth is, the only people they want President Bush to listen to are the ones who toe the anti-war line.

For years now, the Democrats have alleged that the Iraq War was a second Vietnam. Now they are moving to make that analogy complete, as a significant portion of the American government turns its back on the troops, putting the interests of the anti-war movement over those of American national security.


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