What is divisive about this?

According to CNN, the decision of whether or not to continue funding American troops fighting a war is a divisive issue (watch the video linked in the report).

What, exactly, is divisive about deciding to fund the soldiers who are fighting a war that is in America’s national interests?

The simple fact that the Senate Democrats want to move forward with yet another non-binding resolution just goes to show that they’re nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards not worthy to lead this great nation. They talk like they have strong beliefs, but when they vote, their true nature shines through. They’re not willing to take decisive action to end the war because they know that would end their political careers; almost no one would vote for them. Instead, they decide to posture and play political games with America’s national security.

The thought that a political party full of such cowards as Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer has come into power in America makes me want to vomit.


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