Get ready for some sticker shock…

President Ahmadinejad of Iran has met with King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia. This meeting should make the hair stand up on the backs of the necks of each and every American citizen.

The Iranians and the Venezuelans are already in bed together…if Ahmadinejad can get the Saudis on board, as well, the civilized world’s economies are in for a hit, and this time it’s not coming from China.

Iran already poses a great threat to the civilized workd, and specifically to the United States. They are one of the primary state sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East – in fact, the current war in Iraq is, in many ways, turning into an action between the US and Iran – Iran has been supporting the Iraqi insurgency with personnel and supplies for a long time now…and while this is just now being addressed directly by the Bush Administration and the media, the problem grows. So many in politics have spoken against taking direct military action against Iran, yet the more time goes on, the more military action becomes a necessity.

If the Iranian government is able to form an alliance with the Saudis, this spells bad news for the West. The Iranians already control a lot of oil…the Suadis even more. Throw in Venezuela, and you’ve got very bad news for a world economy based on oil.


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