Hillary: the JFK of ’08?

Hillary Clinton has come out comparing herself to John F. Kennedy. What a joke. She basically said that she, in her campaign, faces the same challenges that JFK faced in his. Why? Because Kennedy was a Catholic, and many were against having a Catholic as president…and because she is a woman, she faces the same kind of opposition.

What a bunch of crap.

I refuse to believe that America is the sexist, racist land that the Left makes it out to be. There are millions of Americans who would have no problem having a woman as their president – they just don’t want left-of-left socialist Hillary Clinton as their president. And besides her socialistic tendencies, Hillary, being a Clinton, carries with her so much political baggage that her gender should be the least of her worries coming into the campaign.

In fact, Hillary should be more worried about her voice than her gender. Oftentimes, hearing Hillary talk makes fingernails on a chalkboard seem pleasant. Or how about the multitude of scandals Hilary and her philandering, perjuring former-President husband have been a part of?

Hillary, take some advice: get off your high horse. When it comes to running for president, your gender should be the least of your worries. Your greatest enemies are your politics (which rarely makes sense) and your past (which is rarely free of scandal), and if you lose the election in ’08, it will be for those reasons that you were defeated, not because America is populated exclusively by sexist pigs, as you imply.






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