The Imams Strike Back

Remember the Imams that made so much noise because they were thrown off of a US Airways plane for acting suspiciously? Well, they’re back. Now the Imams are filing a law suit against the airline for religious discrimination. US Airways is standing by their employees, saying that they “acted appropriately,” and I agree with them.

Just as US Airways is standing by the actions of their employees, I stand by my past statements, that these Imams were and are involved in a deliberate attempt to soften US security measures toward Muslims, in a calculated effort to make it easier for Muslim terrorists to get onto planes. It is also entirely possible that these Imams were performing a “dry run,” essentially a dress-rehearsal for a future terrorist attack.

Either way, this whole thing is a farce on the part of the Imams, and at the least, their lawsuit should be thrown out of court…it would be preferable if they were held on suspicion of terrorist activities and the FBI investigated them, instead of wasting their time on investigating an airline whose employees should be applauded for keeping their passengers safe.


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