Gore to get grilled over inconvenient inaccuracies

Global warming activist and former vice-president Al Gore is set to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and then the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee in the afternoon. The topic: rampant inaccuracies in Gore’s recent film An Inconvenient Truth…and Gore is set to get some tough questions.

The inconvenient truth for Gore is that the “scientific consensus” upon which so much of his activism depends simply does not exist. There are many scientists in the United States and across the world who do not buy into the man-made global warming hysteria, and many more who keep their opinions to themselves due to global warming activists’ hysterical denunciations of dissenters.

I have yet to hear anything from the mainstream media about Gore’s testimony, but it will hopefully be in the news tomorrow. I am eager to hear how this propagandist responds to tough questioning about his out-and-out lies.


Categories: Al Gore, global warming

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