Iraqi Insurgents Use Children to Slip Through Checkpoint

Yesterday, Iraqi insurgents used two children to make themselves seem less suspicious, allowing them to get through a military checkpoint in Baghdad. After passing the checkpoint, the insurgents parked the car next to a market, across the street from a school. The adults ran off, leaving the children in the car when it detonated, killing the children and three other civilians, injuring seven more.

This incident makes it ever clearer just how important it is that this insurgency is wiped out. If these insurgents are willing to commit these kinds of inhuman acts under our military’s collective nose, the consequences of a premature troop pullout will be unimaginably brutal. As it stands now, the US and Iraqi military forces are slowly but surely wiping out the insurgency, but the truth is that the Iraqi army is not sufficient to combat this problem on their own. If the US military is pulled out, it will be the Killing Fields all over again. In the event of a troop pullout (or “redeployment”, if you’re a Democrat), the question is not if, but how many Iraqi innocents will be slaughtered.


Categories: Iraq war

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