SC jumps on the global warming bandwaggon…

The US Supreme Court ruled today that the EPA must regulate greenhouse gases, saying that they fall under the Clean Air Act’s definition of “air pollutant.” According to Justice Stevens: “The harms associated with climate change are serious and well recognized.”

The Supreme Court was right in one thing: global warming is a very serious problem. It’s not a serious problem for the reasons the Court cited, though. Global warming is a serious problem because it is a vehicle for government regulation and socialism. Liberals have been trying to over-regulate businesses for years now; it looks more and more like global warming will be the vehicle whereby they will finally get their wish – and with laws like the Kyoto Protocol, this is not just a movement toward socialism within the US – it is a move toward global socialism, regulated and run by the United Nations.

The other bothersome aspect of global warming is that it is inherently anti-progress. You’d think the self-labeled “progressives” would see how foolish they look, advocating for a position that essentially seeks to eradicate every technological advance in the 20th and 21st Centuries (electricity is evil, cars are evil, incandescent light bulbs are evil, plastic shopping bags are evil, and on and on). And organizations like PETA are even advocating veganism in the name of saving the environment…because cow flatulence is apparently destroying the planet. If cow farts are so hazardous to the environment, we should re-write history, praising the men who nearly eliminated the world’s population of buffalo as America expanded westward – after all, if cow farts are so deadly, I’m shocked that the buffalo didn’t kill us all a thousand or two years ago.

The truth of it is that global warming is a theory driven by emotionalism, shoddy science, and a lust for greater government control. The lust for government control has existed for some time, but finally, the socialist Left has found a way to get its wish: the regulation of every aspect of people’s lives in the interests of “saving” the planet.


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