Nuclear Iran: Now Closer than Ever

Ironically enough, shortly after Britain’s hostages were released by the Iranian government, Iran has declared that it will expand its uranium enrichment program. This makes perfect sense for Iran, given the lukewarm response to Britain’s hostage crisis, and the PR & propaganda win that the incident was for Iran. And given the world’s response to Iran’s recent actions, which at best could only be considered grievous diplomatic insults, and at worst are overt acts of war, I wonder whether Iran has any reason to fear retribution of any kind following this announcement.

England’s response to Iran was weak, especially considering that the facts were on their side, and they had indisputable proof of that. Add to that the fact that the British Marines folded and gave in to the Iranians’ demands, telling the world that they had been captured in Iranian waters, and it’s bad news for the West. Many are calling these soldiers heroes, but it is hard for me to think of them as such, given the cowardice they showed under true pressure. In past wars, soldiers have faced far worse than blindfolds, interrogations, and threats of execution. In World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, our soldiers faced brutal torture – water boarding, bamboo shoved up under fingernails, regular beatings, and interrogations and threats of execution. They suffered, and some even died, and they still didn’t give the enemy what they wanted. That is what makes a hero. Yet, in today’s society, when political correctness and avoiding conflict are considered more heroic than standing up for your nation, whatever the cost, these soldiers are considered modern heroes.

This incident is in the public eye because it got a lot of press, but our true heroes rarely get mention.

These British sailors, along with England’s and the world’s weak response to this act of aggression, have given our enemies even more confidence. It is no coincidence that Iran has publicly announced that it is expanding its efforts to enrich uranium, and it wouldn’t surprise me if HAMAS, Hezbollah, or some other radical Islamist organization started kidnapping soldiers in the wake of the West’s great show of weakness.


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