Pelosi: Dangerously Close to Illegal

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and moon bat extraordinaire, has definitely been busy. After pushing through a pork-laden war funding bill doomed to face a Presidential veto, she then traveled to Syria, where she met with Syrian dictator-in-chief Bashar al-Assad. It’s unclear just what went on between Pelosi and Assad while she was in Syria, but there is quite a bit of speculation that there were some backdoor dealings leading up to the release of the British Royal Marines taken hostage by the Iranian military.

Now it is looking more and more likely that Pelosi will be traveling to Iran. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA), who accompanied Pelosi to Syria, has indicated that he is eager to go to Iran, and has been trying to get a visa for 10 years. A top member of the Iranian parliament has stated that they are ready to talk with Speaker Pelosi. Obviously, this is because Pelosi is much more likely to capitulate to the Iranians’ demands.

By traveling to Syria as she did, Pelosi came dangerously close to violating the Logan Act – a felony offense. The Logan act was passed for a reason – it is paramountly important that the United States government present one unified foreign policy stance. America’s laws state that our foreign policy is to be determined by the Executive branch, primarily via the State Department. Many Americans oppose President Bush’s foreign policy decisions, but presenting a single, unified foreign policy stance to the world is much, much more important than any party’s political differences. If Pelosi is allowed to make unauthorized foreign policy decisions, it will potentially threaten the very fabric of our government, especially if Pelosi makes promises that President Bush and the State Department are not willing to fulfill.

Pelosi is playing at an extremely dangerous game here, and she’d do best to play carefully.

Pelosi has also been commenting on the President’s impending veto of the bill funding the Iraq War. According to Pelosi, President Bush wants a “blank check” for the war. The truth is, the spending bill churned out by what Pelosi said would be one of the most ethical and open Congresses in US history was filled to the brim with pork-barrel spending. It truly is a disgraceful piece of legislation, and extremely worthy of a veto. Before the House’s recess, Pelosi neglected to appoint negotiators to draft a new war spending bill…and she has called a letter by Republicans, urging her to reconvene the House in order to get this legislation moving a “political stunt.”

The truth is that the Democrats are against the war, so they have decided to play their own political games with the war…and now Nancy Peolosi is trying to play games not only with US foreign policy, but with the very structure of the US government.


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