Will they ever get it right?

The Democrats have yet to begin drafting a new bill to give US troops in Iraq the funding they need. As a result, the Army has had to slow down on needed repairs until they can be assured that they will get the money necessary for their continued campaign.

It seems to me that the Democrats in Congress are doing just what they accused President Bush of doing early on in the war, when they accused him of not giving the troops the supplies that they needed. They accused the President of not providing needed body armor or armor for vehicles. Now, without the funding that they need, the Army cannot complete the repairs they need. How does this make the Democrats any better than the villian they daily accuse President Bush of being?

These Congressmen, who from the beginning have claimed to “support the troops without supporting the war” are now supporting neither. Their pork-laden war funding bill, replete with conditions requiring troop withdraw, was tantamount to begging for a Presidential veto, and it was all done for political reasons, so that they could then blame the President for the lack of war funding.

The Democrats have also claimed from the beginning that the war in Iraq is “another Vietnam,” and now they are truly trying to make it so. The aftermath of the US withdraw from Vietnam was a slaughter: the killing fields in Cambodia, Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge – hundreds of thousands of people dead who didn’t have to die. Now, the Democrats want to pull our troops out of Iraq, the foreseeable results of which will be the deaths of millions. The possibility of a greater war and ethnic cleansing throughout the Middle East would be a major threat – almost an inevitability. If the Democrats can accomplish that, then all of their dire predictions and comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam will finally come true.

Millions will die, but at least the Democrats will have been right.


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