Congress: Less Popular than Bush

For months now, Democrats and leftist pundits have been touting President Bush’s low approval ratings, which have been hovering in the 30% area. But now, a new poll by Gallup shows that the approval rating for Congress is actually lower than that of President Bush.

President Bush: steady at 33%, an abysmal approval rating by any account.

Congress: up 4 percentage points from last year, to a high of 29%, still lower than the President.

President Bush has toed the neo-con line on the war, fighting it as politically correct as possible…so now he has liberals mad at him for being in the war in the first place, and conservatives mad at him for not fighting to win. He’s also ticked off his base when it comes to border enforcement, so no wonder his approval ratings are so low.

But the Democrats in Congress claimed that their victory in the ’06 election was a mandate on the war…but instead of acting overtly on that mandate, they have passed non-binding resolutions and played games with funding for the war.

Personally, I think the small rise in Congress’ approval rating is a response from anti-war hippies & wackos in support of the Democrats’ recent proposed war spending bills…but the reason that Congress’ approval rating remains so low is that the majority of America is sick of the political games that we see coming out of Washington every day: manufactured scandals, whether in the form of Scooter Libby or Alberto Gonzales, an out-and-out refusal to secure the border and do something pro-active about illegal immigration, and playing politics with the war instead of fighting to win.

Let’s face it: America is a great country. In all of the free world, the United States stands the tallest and proudest in support of freedom…but the leaders of our nation have become our greatest shame.

The people of America are tired of these petty political games. We want action. The United States of America is the greatest nation on the planet, and we want leaders who will reflect that greatness, not diminish it. We want leaders who will make an impact that matters, instead of trying to ban incandescent light bulbs, or packing a war spending bill full of pork. Americans are sick of politicians, and rightly so.

I say we throw the bums out and start over…how about it?


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