Proposed Budget: $2.9 Trillion


Haven’t we seen our government grow large enough?

Read the story here.

It doesn’t get into any details, but there is one key line that just jumps right off of the page:

The Democratic budget promises a balanced federal ledger in five years, but relies on tax revenues generated by the expiration of many of the tax cuts enacted in President Bush’s first term.

This, more than anything else, shows that the Democrats have no concept of history…so how about some science?

Democrats claim to be the party of science, and whether the issue is embryonic stem cell research or Intelligent Design theory, they are constantly ripping on Republicans for being anti-science, so you would think that the pro-science Dems would have no problem with the science of economics.

Science has to do with running repeated experiments, and then drawing conclusions based on the results of those experiments. Well, the results are in. From JFK to George W. Bush, every time taxes have been cut, governmental revenue has increased. It happened under John F. Kennedy. It happened under Ronald Reagan. And it has happened under George W. Bush. And conversely, when taxes are raised, revenue goes down.

And with this, another scientific experiment comes to a close, and the results are in:

The Left has absolutely no understanding of simple, historically established economic principles.


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