Florida moves primary, Dean throws fit

Florida has jumped on the bandwagon of states who are moving up their primary elections in the hopes that they will be more important in the scope of presidential politics. Basically, everyone wants to be Iowa & New Hampshire. In response, Howard Dean has come out saying that if Florida doesn’t move its primary back, its votes won’t count in the choosing of a Democrat party presidential candidate.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this trend of states moving up their primary election dates…it’s basically high-school style one-upmanship writ large: each state wants to thumb their nose at the other states & say “HA! I’m more important than you!” So, on one level, I agree with the DNC’s pronouncement.

On the other hand, Florida is the 4th largest state in the nation, and no matter when their primary, Florida’s votes definitely count. Threatening to remove Florida from the process shows to me that the DNC is more concerned with their rules & regulations than with actually choosing a candidate who truly represents America.

Personally, I think we should move to a single national primary…this way we wouldn’t have to worry about the candidate being chosen in Iowa or New Hampshire…we could actually choose a candidate based on their merit, rather than basing votes on who has the most “momentum.”


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