Iran: More of a Threat than Ever

Iran continues its belligerence: according to Iraq, Iran has continued its shelling of northern Iraq. There have also been multiple reports over the past few months that Iranian troops have been causing problems in the north. This is definitely not good news: Iran is getting bolder. President Bush recently warned them about their involvement in Iraq…but they’re not listening. The truth is, aside from radical Islamist terrorist cells, Iran is the preeminent threat to the Western world today. They have openly supported Hamas and Hezbollah, among other terrorist organizations, they have made blatant threats against Israel, and it appears as though they are trying to provoke the US or Israel to attack, probably in order to try and justify some sort of retaliatory strike.

The threat of Islamic terrorism is ever-increasing…be wary of any presidential candidates who promote opening diplomatic ties with Iran.


Categories: Iran, Iraq war, terrorism

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