What’s Happened to American Politics?

The ’08 presidential campaign started earlier than any other presidential campaign in US history. Recently, it’s been losing some steam, probably because most people are just plain tired of the political sniping and mud-slinging…and there’s another year to go before the actual election.

But looking at the platitudes being put forward by today’s candidates, it’s a wonder just how far US politics has come.

As America began, debate was fierce, and the political process was heated. However, the debate was over which policies would be better for the nation, the assumption being that the candidate with the best ideas would win the most votes.

Today, US politics has been reduced to candidates offering bribes to the people in an attempt to buy votes: welfare, nationalized health care, social security entitlements, amnesty for illegal aliens – all designed to bribe people for votes. And the politicians who speak out against these measures are automatically villanized, depending on the issue: politicians who are against socialized health care “hate the poor.” Those who are against social security “hate the elderly.” Those who are against amnesty for illegals are “racists.”

America’s political process used to be about which candidate’s ideas would most benefit the nation as a whole, but over time, it has become nothing more than a contest to see which politician can offer each American a larger bribe. The truly sad thing is that all too many Americans have bought into the entitlement mentality, believing that they truly are entitled to welfare, social security, and “free” health care, and that Mexican poor are entitled to come to America illegally and enjoy all of the rights and freedoms of US citizens. It isn’t about what’s right anymore, it’s about what individuals can get from the government. And if this trend continues, the US will end up like the former Soviet Union: bankrupt, with citizens living in poverty because the government has to take so much of their money in taxes to pay for social programs.


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