Randi Rhodes Attacked by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy…Or Not

Liberal talk radio host Randi Rhodes was injured Sunday night in what was at first alleged as a mugging. Apparently, Randi Rhodes hosts a show on Air America (I thought they went out of business, but apparently they’re still around). Initially, there was no news other than that Rhodes had “experienced an unfortunate incident.” However, John Elliot (another Air America host) apparently stated on his show that Rhodes had been mugged, and leapt to the conclusion that it must have been “an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own.”

Talk about paranoia…and Elliot effectively spread the paranoia

Now it’s being reported that Randi Rhodes was not mugged, she fell while walking her dog, injuring herself.

It’s really interesting reading the Democratic Underground forum on this…”an unfortunate incident” soon turned into “a mugging,” on untrue news from John Elliot…and soon after that it became “an attack” with accusations flying at everyone from Rush Limbaugh to the Bush administration. Some posters sounded like they were preparing to attack conservative talk show hosts in retaliation.

How about this: instead of trying to censor Rush Limbaugh for comments that he didn’t make, why don’t the leftist in our government do something about radio hosts on their own side (John Elliot) who seem to be all too willing to foment hatred by making baseless accusations?


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  1. Thanks for commenting.I love this issue, too – it’s a very clear demonstration of the left’s paranoia.And I enjoyed sparring with that guy…I guess it just goes to show that high blog traffic is not an indicator of high intelligence.

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