Sounding Off on Limbaugh

It’s a little late in the game, but I decided that it was time for me to finally sound off on my support for Rush Limbaugh.

Like waves against a cliff, liberals have tried to beat up on Rush Limbaugh over and over and over throughout his history in talk radio. Every time some left-wing media watchdog takes a Rush quote out of context, they jump all over it, and this is no exception.

When it became known that Rush was addicted to prescription painkillers (following a painful back surgery), Democrat leaders and leftist wackos called him a pothead. But, as one bumper sticker I saw said, “Even on drugs, Rush is still right.” Even when addicted to painkillers, Rush continued his tradition of excellence in broadcasting. He managed to shake his addiction, and despite losing his hearing, he is going on, stronger than ever.

When Rush made comments about the possibility of Michael J. Fox foregoing medication for his Parkinson’s in order to appear symptomatic in a Democrat’s campaign commercial (as supported by the fact that Fox had admitted to doing this before), Left-wing media (aka “the drive-by media”) jumped all over Limbaugh for weeks. They somehow forgot to mention that Rush had been corrected by a listener via email, and apologized to Fox at the beginning of the very next segment.

The current controversy is over the “phony soldiers” comment. The truth is this: leftist anti-war groups do put forward phony soldiers to preach against the war. The soldier in question (Jesse Macbeth) was a phony soldier – and he is currently serving out a jail sentence for falsifying DOD records.

This controversy came about because Media Matters (a liberal “media watchdog” organization with ties to George Soros and Hilary Clinton) took Limbaugh’s discussion out of context. They say that Rush couldn’t have been referring to Jesse Macbeth because Macbeth’s name doesn’t enter the conversation until a minute or two after Rush used the words “phony soldiers.”

The truth (if anyone had actually listened to Rush, instead of getting all of their information through the Media Matters filter) is that Rush was talking about Jesse Macbeth. Any regular Rush listener knows that Rush does a “morning update” every morning – a segment about 2 minutes long that is aired before the start of Rush’s program. In the morning update, Rush talked about Jesse Macbeth being an anti-war activist and a phony soldier. Any regular listener would be able to tell this very easily, having heard the morning update that morning (as I did), but the truth is that liberals out to smear Limbaugh rarely, if ever, care about the whole story (especially when the whole story shows that Rush is right).

More recently, there have been rumors floating around about how this smear campaign is just another step liberals are taking to try and revive the Fairness Doctrine – a law aimed at killing conservative talk radio. I haven’t seen any real evidence of this, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

The truth on this issue is that Media Matters is a liberal smear organization fronting as a media watchdog. They’ve shown that they’re not truly interested in presenting facts – they believe in the stereotypes that conservatives are racists, bigots, homophobes, and hate-mongers, and their entire organization revolves around taking conservatives out of context to try and “prove” that. The truth is that Rush Limbaugh has been a supporter of the US military for even longer than I’ve been a listener, and this controversy amounts to nothing more than yet another wave pounding against the cliff.


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  1. Yeah, I saw Barbara Boxer’s name on there, and I’d send her a letter if I thought it might accomplish anything, but she’s such a hardcore liberal I don’t see much use in it.

  2. So true, I sent a letter to my Senator who signed the suppression of speech letter that Rush is EBay-ing.Asked if he (Wyden, D OR) would redeem his use of my time in the Senate and at the very least match Mr Limbaugh in donating matching funds to the charity listed at the close of auction.Keep up your blogging!

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