Make a Note: This is Where We’re Heading

According to a report in SKY News on Monday, an alarming number of people in England are doing their own dental work. This, in one of the idyllic havens of “free” health care.

As it turns out, the government covers part of the costs of dental care in England – the full cost is covered only for children and those on welfare. And apparently, being a dentist under the British national health care system isn’t all that profitable – the number of dentists in the system has been declining, leading to increased costs. This (combined with the prohibitive tax rates already in England) is leading to people skipping out on dental work, or even trying to do it themselves.

The moral of the story: the market works. Government interventionism only screws things up, and leads to people resorting to pulling their own teeth, because the socialized health care system costs too much!


Categories: health care, socialism

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