One of the greatest maneuvers of all time…

Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh took the letter sent from Harry Reid to Mark Mays, Rush’s ClearChannel syndication partner, and put it on ebay for auction to the highest bidder. The letter was signed by 41 US Senators.

The letter was basically a denunciation of the out-of-context “phony soldier” remark, and a call for Mr. Mays to “publicly repudiate these comments.” Obviously, Mr. Mays did not do so.

Rush decided to auction off the letter and donate the proceeds to charity (the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides support for the families of deceased military and law enforcement personell). He has also stated that he will match the donation with his own money.

As of now (10/18/2007, 10:10 PST), the bid is up to $2,000,200. That means that the total donation will be $4,000,400, with Rush donating over 2 million dollars out of his own pocket.

Rush has been a steadfast supporter of the troops for many years, and this just makes it clearer than ever that Rush Limbaugh is not the man that the Left says he is.


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