Reid Blames Fires on Global Warming…And He’s Right!

After his record in the recently-resolved Limbaugh smear letter fiasco, you’d think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would keep his mouth shut & stay under the radar for a little while…but no such luck.

Today, Reid told reporters that “one of the reasons we have the fires in California is global warming.” When pressed on the matter, he kind of backed down from his assertion, essentially saying that global warming was one of many causes.

I have to say that I would agree with Harry Reid if only he added one word to his statement: “one of the reasons we have the fires in California is global warming hysteria.

The truth: global warming did not start this fire. The fire was started by an arsonist, possibly more than one. It has been labeled by many news organizations as a “super fire.” The reason the fire is so wild and uncontrollable is because environmental lobbyist groups blocked the Healthy Forest Initiative, which was designed expressly for the purpose of reducing the severity of forest fires. Under the Healthy Forest Initiative, underbrush would be regularly cleared out of forests just like the one burning in souther California, giving any forest fires less fuel to feed on and making it easier for firefighters to contain any fires. Environmentalist lobbying groups blocked the initiative’s implementation in California, claiming that clearing out any plants would contribute to global warming.

Global warming alarmism didn’t start this fire, but it has been a major contributor to the tragedy that the fire has become. Global warming alarmists prevented the Forest Service from properly managing the forests, and this “super fire” is the direct result of their alarmist actions.

My question for the global warming alarmists is this: how much more pollution has been caused by this wildfire due to your meddling than has supposedly been prevented by allowing the forests to grow unchecked?

When it comes to the environment, modern science knows a lot…but many things are still unknown. When it comes to global warming, we only know one thing: the earth is getting warmer. The truth is that we don’t really know why, and now we have concrete evidence that rabid environmentalism doesn’t help anything, and is in fact a very bad thing.


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