GI Joe: The International Hero?

The first step: in the latest Superman movie, it was no longer “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Instead, it was “Truth, Justice…and all that stuff.” Why? Because Hollywood is embarrassed to be American. They don’t believe that the United States stands for truth and justice anymore, and they’re the ones making the movies.

Now Hollywood is looking into making a GI Joe movie…with GI JOE standing for “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.” Instead of being “the Real American Hero,” GI Joe will operate out of Brussels, or if out of America, they will be answerable to the United Nations.

The truth is that international military forces have a meager record of operations…the UN has accomplished nothing militarily, and even their humanitarian operations have largely been shameful affairs.

What is wrong with Americans being proud of America? Superman was a real American hero, raised by farmers in Kansas. GI Joe figurines were based on American soldiers, many of them astronauts, presidents, and Medal of Honor recipients. GI Joe is an American tradition that celebrates the honor and nobility of the American soldier. There is no reason to change that. No matter how much the press loves to inflate stories like what happened at Abu Garaib, those types of incidents are in the vast minority among our soldiers. The average American soldier is brave, honorable, and should be honored by each and every red-blooded American.

I’m beginning to think that it’s time for real Americans to start boycotting the garbage coming out of Hollywood. Despite the fact that their movies continue to do poorly at the box office, Hollywood continues to release movies filled with their own political message – everything from children’s movies like Happy Feet (which at its core was about glorifying the UN while pushing an environmentalist agenda) to slipping political agenda messages into otherwise enjoyable films, to out-and-out propaganda films either presenting an anti-war message, presenting America as a corrupt tyranny, or denouncing capitalism. The recent film The Kingdom, which I almost went to see in theaters because the previews looked good, had at its core the message that our government is no better than Islamo-fascist terrorist scum. At one point in our history, that kind of propaganda would be considered treasonous. Part of me longs for those days.

The truth is, Hollywood doesn’t like real America. They think there’s something wrong with people who love their country and think the US is an honorable nation. Little by little, they’re trying to propagandize Americans, bringing Americans around to their twisted point of view.

Personally, I’m going to keep tabs on this GI Joe film. If they keep GI Joe as a tool of international interests, not only will I skip the film, but I’ll tell all of my friends that they shouldn’t go (frankly, I may just skip this one altogether, just to protest the initial idea). Hollywood sees itself as anti-establishmentarian. Well, it’s time that we normal people started fighting the Hollywood establishment. Sometimes, bucking tradition can be a good thing, but there is a line. It is possible to go to far. And Hollywood crosses that line just about every time a new film is released. There’s no reason we should put up with it.

***This post from The Sniper has a lot more in-depth history of GI Joe, and just why this film is worth America’s contempt.


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