Deficit Spending Greater Moral Issue than Abortion?

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been quoted as saying that deficit spending is a greater moral issue than abortion, because it will leave non-aborted US citizens to pay off their parents’ debt.

According to Coburn, “[President Bush] hasn’t been the ideal president when it comes to limited federal spending.” Talk about the greatest understatement of the past seven years. President Bush has been absolutely horrible when it comes to limiting government spending…but one reason for this is because he hasn’t vetoed the horrific spending bills sent to him by Congress, which continues to indulge in massive pork-barrel spending despite protestations and calls for increased “transparency” by several members.

Personally, I don’t think that deficit spending is a greater sin than abortion…murder will always out-weigh financial over-extension in my book, but Coburn does have a good point: our government has more power and spends more money today than it ever has, and this spending has been increasingly irresponsible in light of the threats that our nation faces (and each and every Democrat presidential candidate wants to raise taxes and further increase spending!). We face many external threats: Islam0-fascist terrorism, Chinese and Venezuelan communism, belligerence by Russia, the Iranian nuclear program…the list goes on. But even the combination of these threats cannot defeat America unless we first defeat ourselves.

The US has been in moral decline for decades. The Cold War has moved to an internal conflict as the Democrat party threatens to make the US a socialist state. Political correctness threatens to shut down freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought in the US. The environmentalist movement seeks to send the US back to the days of the caveman. Religion and the moral values that go with it are constantly under attack (unless that religion seeks to denigrate and/or destroy the US, in which case it is celebrated). Our politicians are oblivious to the will of the people, choosing instead to stand up for special interest groups, selling US sovereignty up the river. Even as outside threats align to destroy the US, the threats from within our nation are combining, bringing about the eventual destruction of the freest nation on planet Earth. The people of the United States of America must wake up, or the destruction of this great nation will be on our doorstep before we know it.

Senator Coburn was right about one thing: “If we have only 11 percent support, are we a legitimate government? The 11 percent who have confidence in us, what hole are they in?” Congress has an 11% approval rating for a reason: they are an illegitimate government that refuses to conform to the will of the people. They have ignored the wishes of their constituents, whether Left or Right, and have only sought to advance their own self-interest: their quest for continued power.

The House of Representatives recently announced that it is shortening its work week to 4 days. While on the one hand this bespeaks the laziness of Congress (the Democrats, who have accomplished nothing since their takeover in 2006, ran on the promise to work harder to pass meaningful legislation), I cannot shake the thought that the less time Congress spends making law, the better. The modern Congress has proven to be a disaster, and my personal opinion is that they should meet only long enough to pass that legislation that is absolutely essential…one or two days per year should do it.

Our government is out of control, and it needs to be reigned in. Spending needs to be cut, and Congress needs to be restricted to its Constitutional limitations. The people need to send a clear message to our politicians in 2008 by electing true conservatives to Congress.


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