Racist "Diversity" Program Defeated in Delaware

Last week, stories began emerging about a program on the campus of the University of Delaware. The program required that all students living on-campus be subjected to indoctrination.

Under the program, students are required to acknowledge that:

  1. All white people are racist.
  2. It is impossible for any minority to be racist, because they don’t have a racially biased system to back up their beliefs.
  3. Reverse racism is a term used by racists who are in denial.
  4. Non-racist: a non-term.
  5. Racism and white supremacy are synonymous.

The actual text of the “Diversity Facilitation Training” goes on and on for 14 pages, and reads like something written by The Black Panthers. This is racism: anti-white racism, and it’s been thrust upon students at the University of Delaware. It is an attempt at ideological indoctrination, suppressing freedom of thought.

Thanks to the vigilance of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), the program has been suspended. The fact that the program has been widely reported on in conservative talk radio probably helped as well, but the publicity originated with FIRE, and FIRE is to be thanked for keeping the University of Delaware accountable for this blatant attempt at racist indoctrination.

This program goes to show just how empty the left’s cries of tolerance truly are: tolerance only extends to those radical views held by the left. If it’s good news for whitey, the left doesn’t like it. If it engenders hatred for the United States or Christianity or the white race in general, then the left is okay with it (until they get called on it).

All of this begs the question: why was a program like this started in the first place?

For some reason, liberals cannot get past the 1950s. They seem to be stuck with the idea that the entire nation is divided by race and that, given the chance, white people will rise up and re-institute segregation (or maybe even slavery) because we all hate minorities so much.

The truth is that the US has taken great strides forward when it comes to racism. No, America’s not perfect, but race relations in the US are much better off than liberals let on. When it comes down to it, America’s main problem with race relations comes from the Left: any time the smallest action may potentially be perceived as racist, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton jump all over it, screaming “RACISM!!!” False allegations of racism are so abundant on the left that
in the end, all they do is cheapen the cries of true racism. People of all races have been trying to fight racism for decades, but throwing 50-year-old sins back in the faces of today’s white people will not help anyone.

Unfortunately, this is where leftist politically-correct “tolerance” is taking us: we will be so tolerant a society that there will be no freedom of speech, no freedom of action, and no freedom of thought that does not conform to the left’s template.

Thank goodness the Left lost this battle…and may they lose many more in the future.


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