Banning Smoking At Home?

That’s where things are heading. Apparently, there are many cities in California that have banned smoking in apartments. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this: I am not a smoker, and I don’t enjoy breathing cigarette smoke.

But this speaks to a bigger issue.

California has already outlawed smoking in bars & restaurants. Other states have jumped on this bandwagon, and some areas are further looking to ban smoking in cars. If banning smoking in apartments becomes the next big thing, in a natural progression, the next step will either be banning smoking altogether, or just having a collection of laws that amount to the same thing (yes, smoking is still legal…you just can’t do it indoors or outside. Anywhere else is fine).

For one thing, banning things has a pretty bad record in America…just take a look at prohibition. For another thing, Americans don’t need a “mother” government telling everyone what they can and cannot do (it didn’t work for “mother Russia,” either).

The people of America need to stop buying into these stupid liberal arguments based on emotion rather than logic. If there is enough of a demand for “smoke-free” housing, then apartment managers should designate certain of their apartment complexes as “smoke-free.” The fact that this isn’t happening speaks to the fact that the demand just isn’t high enough.

The government needs to step back and let the market work…but that isn’t going to happen as long as the people keep buying in to liberal lies about how the government can make life better for everyone. Governments never make nations great. People do. Let the people make their own decisions.

One more thing: the government imposes taxes on cigarettes to pay for various social programs (this is especially true here in California). Then, the government continues to ban smoking in certain areas. Sooner or later, smoking will be banned altogether, either in an up-front law banning smoking altogether, or in a large, convoluted collection of laws making it illegal to smoke anywhere. So, if smoking is illegal, how will they pay for their social programs? They’ll have to raise money for them somewhere else, which means that each and every person who cheered the tax increases on cigarettes because they don’t support smoking will end up having to carry the tax burden that cigarette taxes carried for so long.


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