GI Joe: It’s just a movie based on a cartoon based on an action figure, right?


Glenn Beck has come under attack in the lefty blogosphere over his comments about the upcoming GI Joe movie, where Hollywood takes an American icon and turns him into an international travesty. The reports started with Media Matters and spread from there (because, rather than actually listening to conservatives, liberals just get on Media Matters’ web site & parrot whatever they say).

The most interesting of these attacks that I could find came from The Huffington Post which, ironically enough, has a page dedicated to attacking Glenn Beck (which it calls “Beckwatch”).

The liberal argument: it’s just a movie.

And once again, the left, in reducing itself to mindless attacks, misses the whole point.

As an avid listener to Glenn Beck’s radio program, I heard Beck’s argument from his own mouth. He’s not just talking about this movie. He’s talking about the amount of anti-American propaganda coming out of Hollywood that is marketed to our children. The examples that he points out: Superman Returns, where “Truth, Justice and The American Way” was intentionally changed to “Truth, Justice…all that stuff” because the producers of the film didn’t think it would be right to promote “The American Way” (despite the fact that America, despite liberals’ aspirations, is still the freest, most honorable nation on the planet). Next example: Happy Feet, which was basically global warming propaganda with a pro-UN message thrown in for good measure. Now, Government Issue Joe, the Real American Hero is being turned into the “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.” Why? Because movie producers are embarrassed of the nation that gives them the freedom to succeed like they have thus far.

Americans are tired of message movies. This is one of the main reasons that box-office figures have been down lately. Unfortunately, Hollywood just doesn’t get it…they keep on churning out message movies. This is why the vast majority of my movie collection consists of films made before 1980.

There is another report out about Glenn Beck today, this one from the New York Times, criticizing Beck for his new multi-million-dollar contract ($50 million over 5 years). Beck presents himself as an average guy, but according to the New York Times, this contract makes that claim null and void.

I’ve listened to Glenn Beck’s program for a long time…I started listening shortly after he went national back in 2001. The truth is, Glenn Beck is an average guy…he’s an average guy who dreamed of getting into radio, got into the radio business very young, got successful, had some hard times, and then changed his life and turned it into a massive success. He runs his own company, does a daily radio program and a daily TV show on Headline News, and produces a monthly magazine. Beck has earned his success, and he is a testament to the greatness of America, where a regular schlub can work hard, make a success of himself, and eventually land a $50 million contract.


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