Hilary Clinton: The Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread

The repercussions over this past week’s Democrat presidential debate continue…and Hilary Clinton has proven to the world that she would make one of the worst presidents in US history.

The basic gist of Hilary’s screw-up revolves around Chris Matthew’s question about the recent New York program involving allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. Upon asking the question, Hilary’s first response was to endorse the idea…and then, within two minutes of her first response, she backtracked, denouncing the program.

Hilary Clinton has tried very hard to be “all things to all people,” basically vascillating back and forth on several issues, the most worrisome of which include illegal immigration and the War on Terror.

There have been further questions over documents pertaining to Hilary’s tenure as First Lady, which have been sealed in her husband’s presidential library. It’s been confirmed that over 3 million documents pertaining to Hilary’s health care plan are still sealed.

Hilary’s defense for all of the opposition to her: she’s being ganged up on because she’s a woman. This, more than anything, shows just how bad of a president Hilary would make. Hilary has breezed through the primary process thus far, but as soon as her opponents start turning up the heat, she tries to use her gender as a shield. This is just what we need in a president: as soon as Ahmadinijad, Putin, Chavez, or Kim Jong Il start attacking her, her defense will be to accuse them of being meanies – bullies ganging up on the girl.

Ironically, that may just be the one thing that would inspire the UN to real action: whining and complaining by a Clinton.


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