Media Matters’ Hypocricy

Pat Robertson announced this week that he is endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president.

In an ironic turn of events, Media Matters is attacking MSNBC for failing to attack Robertson in their coverage of his endorsement.

Robertson has been controversial in the past, but this attempt by Media Matters really is ludicrous. Here is a case of a major media organization, MSNBC, reporting the news. They were kinder to Robertson than I would expect, which is probably what got Media Matters’ panties in a bunch.

This is the thing about modern liberalism: Fox News has been shown to be a bit to the right of CNN, but still to the left of the mainstream…yet liberals continue to attack them as some kind of a fascist propaganda wing of the Bush administration (this has been shown to be untrue time and time again). Then, when another leftist news organization fails to engage in smear tactics, the left yet again makes a fuss…because heaven forbid the mainstream media might actually be kind to a conservative.


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