Is This The Best The Left Has To Offer?

Rosie O’Donnell has been hired to host her own talk show on MSNBC. Apparently, MSNBC is under the impression that Bush-bashing gets ratings. When it comes to MSNBC, however, they need all the help they can get on the ratings front, so more power to them.

However, I think that the hiring of Rosie as a political commentator brings up an interesting issue: who are the primary spokespeople for the Left? Conservative talk radio grew to the heights that it has reached through people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Laura Ingraham: for the most part, normal people who got into radio. Limbaugh and Beck started out in the radio business as disk jockeys. Later on in life they became talk radio personalities, expressing their conservative political views to millions of listeners daily. Laura Ingraham worked as a speechwriter for the Reagan Administration, and then clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas before getting into radio.

When Air America was formed in an attempt to combat the conservative dominance of talk radio, their two big-name headliners were Al Franken and Jeaneane Garofalo…two comedians with questionable talent who were only propelled into fame by their not-quite-humorous stints on Saturday Night Live. Jerry Springer also served a stint on Air America.

My question is this: am I the only one who sees the significance of this trend? The Right’s big media names are thinkers and capitalists who worked hard to achieve success. The Left’s big media names are three comedians and the host of a trash talk show. Of course, Air America was only a big name for a short while…then Franken, Garofalo and Springer eventually left the network due to the fact that it was a huge flop, both in ratings and revenues, and for the most part, Air America has fallen to relative obscurity.

Now, MSNBC is hiring Rosie O’Donnell, yet another comedian, as a leftist political commentator. But Rosie isn’t just another lefty comedian…she’s a leftist freak, one of the 9/11 truthers who believe that the WTC towers were brought down by the Bush administration. The fact that she serves as one of the Left’s leading media spokespeople speaks volumes in and of itself.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. Let Rosie have her own show. Let her spread her lies and hate…let the nation see just what a freak she is. If this is the best the Left can give us, we’ll take it gladly, because while Rosie the comedian isn’t all that funny, Rosie the political commentator is worth quite a few laughs.


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  1. I agree. Let the Libs shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly and maybe they might catch on how foolish they are. I doubt it, but just maybe.I was listening to Rush yesterday and this may all blow up in Rosie’s face. I didn’t catch it all, so I con’t say for sure, but should be interesting anyway.Bring the fool on!Beamer

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