Last Time It Was Vote or Die…Now It’s Vote or iPod?!?

A survey taken at NYU found that 2/3 of students would trade their vote in the next presidential election for a year’s tuition. Frankly, given today’s tuition prices, that’s not all that surprising.

20% said they’d trade their vote for an iPod Touch.

66% said they’d trade their vote for a free ride at NYU.

Half said they’d trade their vote for $1 million.

This is very interesting, considering that 70.5% of those surveyed said that they believe their vote counts…including 70% of those who said they’d trade their vote for tuition.

My question is this: if you really do believe that your vote counts…why would you sell it? The franchise is either vitally important or totally unimportant. There is no middle ground.

But, then, as one student put it: “It’s easy to convince myself that my vote doesn’t count…after all, I’m from New York, which will always be a blue state.” An interesting point, but irrelevant. After all, if all conservatives in blue states just stayed home, there would never be a prayer of eventually reforming those blue states into places where common sense actually exists. There would be no counter-vote to show liberal politicians that they should tread lightly.

As another student put it: “I would be reversing history — a lot of people fought so that every citizen could be enfranchised.” Your vote makes every soldier’s death throughout the history of this great nation matter.

And finally, the tour de force: “Anyone who’d sell his lifelong right to vote should be deported.” After all, millions of people try to immigrate to the United States every year, with the dream of becoming citizens. They work hard so that someday they or their children will eventually have the right to be called Americans and participate in the process that makes the United States the freest nation on the globe. If you’re willing to throw that right away, then it’s a right you don’t deserve, because it’s a right that’s been bought and paid for with the blood of heroes.


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