Ain’t Democracy Great?

Hugo Chavez, hero of the Left (aka the Democrat party), has declared that anyone who would vote against his proposed constitutional changes is a “traitor.” Perhaps this is why the Democrats like Chavez so much: he stands so strongly for Democracy.

Chavez’s proposed changes would remove term limits for the office of president in Venezuela, essentially opening the doors for him to become dictator-for-life.

Maybe this is why so many liberals support him: he’s a hard-line Communist dictator…and for some unknowable reason, liberal elitists just love that in a foreign politician.

Liberals love to point at the Right and scream “hypocrite!” at the top of their lungs, but the Democrat party (as ironically named as it is), is more willing to support the dictator of Venezuela then they are to support the democratically elected president of their own nation…this shows their own hypocrisy: they claim to stand up for the common man, all the while doing nothing more than seeking as much power as they can get their hot little hands on.

The truth is that despite the name of their party and all of their platitudes, when liberals see Hugo Chavez, they see a dream to which they can aspire. Chavez, in all of his oppressive tyranny, is the left’s role model, and they’d like nothing more than to do away with term limits for any leftist president, senator, or congressman, and consolidate their rule over the United States for the rest of the nation’s existence.

That is the Left’s dark secret, the one thing they don’t want the general populace to catch on to.


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