Maybe Liberalism Really Is A Mental Disorder…

A recent Gallup poll shows that, across the board, Republicans report much better mental health than independents or Democrats.

The survey, conducted over the last four years, shows that no matter the demographic break-down, Republicans report that their mental health is “excellent” or “good” in higher numbers than the Dems. Maybe this explains all of the whining and crying whenever a Republican wins an election or a conservative bill is passed by legislators…it also reminds me of a story after the 2004 Presidential election about large numbers of liberals seeking counseling for post-election depression. After the ’06 election, there was no mention of conservatives running to their shrinks because the Republicans lost their congressional majority…so this, combined with the Gallup poll, leaves only one logical conclusion: Republicans are just more sane than Democrats.

As the Republican party moves farther and farther to the Left, though, I wonder just how long this trend will last……


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