This Is The Peaceful Religion

This story has been developing over the last few days, but it has now taken a most bizarre (yet predictable) turn:

A British teacher who was working in the Sudan was arrested not long ago on charges of insulting Islam. Her crime: she allowed the students working in her classroom to name a teddy bear, and the name they chose was “Mohammed.” As it turns out, one of the students in her class was named Mohammed, and the class decided to name the bear after him. Unfortunately for Gillian Gibbons, however, this fact makes no difference to the Islamofascists in the Sudan.

Gibbons has been sentenced to 15 days in jail and subsequent deportation, but that is not enough for the radicals, who took to the streets in protest, saying that Gibbons should be killed. This is the true nature of Islam: complete intolerance. Why the liberals defend this religion is beyond me. First it was riots over cartoons, now it’s mobs protesting over an elementary school class naming a teddy bear. Gibbons has been moved to a secret location by the Sudanese government in order to protect her from the mob.

Oh, and for all of the liberal wackos out there who say that Christianity is just as dangerous as radical Islam, try going to Vatican City or any evangelical Protestant church with a teddy bear named “Jesus,” and see if you get the same results as Gibbons (who, as it turns out, may have just been the victim of a “vindictive school secretary”).

My guess is, we won’t see any uprising of moderate Muslims in Europe and the U.S. denouncing the actions of their fascist brethren. CAIR and similar organizations are all too willing to defend the actions of Imams acting like terrorists on a US airliner, but they don’t really want to improve “American-Islamic relations.” They want the kind of Islamic law that is practiced in the Sudan to come here. Anyone with any modicum of common sense should be able to see that Islam is dangerous…Muslims in the Middle East are always providing us with new examples.


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