Religion and Politics: A Disgusting Combination

As Christmas approaches, the presidential campaign has taken a rather repulsive turn: each candidate is trying to out-Christian the others.

Huckabee, the former Baptist minister, has the appearance of a Christian, but his behavior during the campaign has (in my opinion) shown him to be divisive and judgmental, trying to make grandiose statements about who may or may not be Christian enough to be president. Romney seems the most sincere about his faith – most Mormons I’ve known are very good people, even the bad Mormons. In my opinion, this is a huge point in Romney’s favor, even if I don’t agree with all of his policies.

Obama and Hilary have joined the fray, as well, with Obama producing a commercial geared solely toward portraying him as a strong family man (which he may be – as a conservative, I haven’t payed much attention to his campaign). Hilary’s new Christmas campaign commercial accentuates her willingness to bribe Americans for their votes via welfare & government-provided health care, but she has made a point to give speeches in churches…as if giving a speech in a church could somehow prove how Christian she is.

Fred Thompson looks like a very good candidate to me – I’ve been very impressed by him every time I’ve heard him interviewed…but unfortunately his campaign has been pretty stagnant.

Two things disgust me about this current campaign: politicians playing the religion game, putting on a veneer of spirituality in order to woo voters, and campaigns playing the minority game in order to win sympathy from the minority voting bloc.

Educated voters should not be impressed when candidates wear their religiosity on their sleeves, because most of the time it’s nothing but a hoodwink: politicians playing the field to coerce ignorant people into voting for them. The minority game is the same scam: elect Hilary because she’s a woman, elect Obama because he’s black…but who cares about the fact that their policies would effectively ruin the nation’s economy and send us spiraling into a liberal fascist state, with enforced equality: all citizens equally poor and oppressed.


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