Huckabee: Liberals’ Dream, Conservatives’ Worst Nightmare

Ann Coulter has written yet another fabulous column, this one about the dilemma presented to conservatives by the seeming popularity of Mike Huckabee. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Huckabee – it’s been quite obvious to me that there are other candidates on the Republican side who are both more qualified and more conservative. As Huckabee continues to stick his foot in his mouth, however, it amazes me that his popularity has yet to wane.

Huckabee has run largely on his image as a Christian conservative…but that’s all it is: image. He may be a Christian; I’m not going to judge his religion (though it is worth pointing out that seemingly every time Huckabee opens his mouth on religious issues he promptly sticks his foot in it). However, conservative he definitely is not. Huckabee has come down on the side of liberalism on everything from taxes to big government to the Supreme Court’s decision that sodomy is a Constitutionally protected right…and when it comes to illegal immigration, Huckabee is every Democrat’s dream.

Personally, I’d rather vote for Hillary than Huckabee – at least Hillary is open and transparent about her desire to turn the US into a socialist state, and her feeble attempts at religiosity on the campaign trail fall flat enough to merit a chuckle or two…but if the election comes down to Hillary vs. Huckabee, I’m definitely going third-party.

Huckabee is not what the Republican party needs, and he definitely is not a conservative candidate. The Republicans need to get a clue: Giuliani is failing in Iowa for a reason: he isn’t conservative enough. Huckabee has remained strong in the polls for a reason: the media is his friend (go figure: the lib media will befriend a lib Republican).

As the primary season edges ever closer, it is important for voters to stop listening to what the media is feeding them and start looking into what the candidates actually stand for. Huckabee is a liberal who is trying to use his religious views to mask himself as a conservative. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should be able to see through Huckabee quite easily: he’s the wrong choice for conservatives, the wrong choice for Republicans, and the wrong choice for America.


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