Leno Breaks The Strike…But Why Does Anyone Care?

Jay Leno has been a supporter of the Hollywood writers’ strike since the beginning, and now he has won the distinction of being one of the first of the Hollywood elite to break the strike.  

I don’t watch late night TV…I don’t watch much of any TV for that matter, but apparently Leno had the audacity to write his own jokes for The Tonight Show.  Imagine, a comedian who actually writes his own jokes!
Personally, if I were Jay Leno, I would be ashamed that a writers’ strike shut my show down – Leno is supposed to be an ace comedian, a really funny guy, but he has to have someone else write his jokes?  
I’ve never really cared much about the writers’ strike from the beginning – these people aren’t exactly hurting to begin with, and they haven’t exactly been turning out quality products over the past few years – television these days is rarely much more than smut, filth, gore, and stupid PC messages (just like the movies).  I don’t really see what all the stink is about – the only reason Leno can’t write his own jokes is because the union keeps him from doing what should be his job in the first place.

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